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Q: What are your qualifications?

[Besides a love for motorcycles.]
A: 2 yeas of metal and wood shop.

 2 years of small engine and motorcycle collision repair.

1 year C.L.A.S.S.
[California Laser Alignment Straightening System]

Why Powder Coat my parts?
Items that are powder coated simply last longer. Products with a coated finish are far more resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, rusting and wearing than other finishes. Color choices are virtually unlimited, with high and low gloss, clear and metallic, as well as textured finishes. Finishes can range from smooth to wrinkled, matted finishes, or rough textures which hide surface imperfections.
Any ripples, dents or pits on the metal surface can show through the coating after the powder is cured. If you want the finished surface to be free of these types of imperfections, they must be smoothed or removed before the powder is applied.

To clean a powder coated surface, use the same care and methods you would use to clean your car. Gently wash with a clean, soft cloth and a mild detergent followed by a clear water rinse. Even though most powder coatings are highly resistant, certain solvents can harm them. Avoid contact with nail polish remover, paint or lacquer thinner, motor oils, transmission and brake fluids or parts cleaning fluids. If any of these should contact the powder coated surface, immediately wipe the area with a soft, clean cloth, and wash as described above.

Please Note:All parts will be media blasted before the powder coat so they will look the best.
All parts with threads will be masked off if needed and if any parts have rubber on them, please have it removed,
also have all machine work completed.
All parts must be fairly cleaned and in good shape to avoid extra cleaning charges.
Rust removal dip is extra. On cast aluminum and magnesium parts, occasionally they may experience
out gassing and/or small bubbling in the finished powder coating.
I will take every precaution to avoid it, however
I can't be held responsible for small minute out gassing caused by porous castings. 
What is out gassing? Out gassing is where in porous material like cast aluminum and magnesium parts,
small minute bubbling can occur because of trapped moisture or air inside the material.
When heated this moisture/air rises to the top in which can cause small minute bubbling in some places.

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